About Square 1



An Oklahoma Realtor, Evie is still recovering from the sudden death of her fiance five years earlier when a push from her mother encourages her to step out of hiding and take a trip to New York City. Before she even arrives, Evie's adventures begin when a boy on her flight chokes on his food. Evie is called to act, connecting with more passengers than just the boy's family.



Impressed with her life-saving actions, well-known actor Bradley Matthews joins her from a few rows ahead and begins a conversation. Although inwardly star struck, Evie treats Bradley naturally. Their friendly banter soon turns into more when Bradley offers to show her the city. But will the blossoming friendship be threatened by the things Bradley hates most, the paparazzi and the constant pressure of being in the spotlight? Evie is in for more than just a simple vacation. She is back to Square One, finally embracing the chance to begin life anew.



As one of the hottest young actors, thanks to celebrity parents and several of his own blockbusters, Bradley leads a life that is as far from Evie's laid-back existence as can be. But the more time they spend together, the more Evie and Bradley discover the beauty of each other's worlds and the hope that change can bring. Katie Z. Hartman's witty novel breathes fresh life into this modern-day fairytale of opposites attracting. In this novel of possibilities Evie learns the importance of starting at Square One.



katie z. hartman