About Katie

I'm a daydreamer. What happens when you daydream all the time? You have dialogue and scenarios running through your head all the time until one day, you decide to decide to put those random thoughts into book form and ta-da!

Two years later you're a publisher author.

Or something like that...

I had the basic idea/plot for Square 1 back in high school. (Because, come on, who knows more about star-crossed lovers and unrequited love than a teenager?!) A couple of years ago, when it got to the point that I had to write down all the ideas and dialogue in my head down or go crazy, I starting writing. This is my first novel, and I used little bits and pieces of my life in the book, but it isn't autobiographical.


I love anything creative. When I was young, you'd be hardpressed not to find somthing in my room that wasn't Mod-Podged or glittered by yours truly. That creativity ran from popscicle stick crafts to writing poetry. In what free time I have, I continue to craft and write. Although now I've moved from writing teenage angst-filled poetry to romantic comedy fiction.


I grew up in a large family in a small town in southwestern Oklahoma - Cordell.

I graduated from Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!) in 2006 with an English degree.

I'm married and have a ten year old son.

We currently live in Yukon, OK.

katie z. hartman